Casting Services
All types of castings supplied


Patterns & Tooling

Patterns can be made by conventional methods or by modern CNC techniques.This allows us to produce the most economical pattern / tool for the casting requirement.

We can use existing parts whether broken or worn out, to use as a pattern in some circumstances.

We can make the following types of patterns:

  • Wood - Production, multi impression on boards, in compacts (frames) or loose patterns.

  • Resin - Production, multi impression made conventionally or by CNC methods.

  • Metal - Usually multi impression production patterns made from a wooden master.

  • Polystyrene - Only used for one offs, and when wood pattern costs are high.

  • Existing Part - We can use an existing casting, add material to cover shrinkage and machining.

  • Tooling - Cast iron dies for gravity die casting.

  • High grade steel dies for pressure die casting.

  • Aluminium dies for investment casting.


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