Casting Services
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Casting Services

Castings only made here in UK.

Castings made for low & high quantity requirements.

We have a vast knowledge of the UK foundry industry and we have found widely differing prices for the same casting. This is due to several reasons, overheads (building, equipment, workforce and quality systems), flexibility of manufacturing and fear factor.

It is true a 1 off casting will be more expensive in a production foundry when compared with a jobbing foundry, but similar jobbing foundries can also be vastly different in pricing. The higher the price of the casting definitely doesn't always mean better quality. We have been able to find the best suited foundries for each casting requirement, hitting or bettering the quality required and reducing casting costs.

We can also add our casting & design knowledge, frequently modifying a casting to reduce cost and / or improve performance.

We don't place castings where a foundry is being pushed near to their limits (melting size, moulding box size, material grade or quality requirements) as this will always add an additional cost due to "fear factor".

You can place casting orders directly with the chosen foundry or we can supply the castings at no additional cost.

We also have alternative manufacturers who can produce parts that had been traditionally cast but now can be manufactured by new and different processes at less cost than the original casting, again all manufactured here in the UK.

We supply castings to a wide range of industries including, restoration of buildings, cars & motorcycles, steam and heritage railways, museums, medical & electronic applications, engineering requirements, fork-lift trucks and even games consul accessories.

We feel we only have 5 limitations as listed below.

  1. We don't supply quantities less than 1 off.
    1 off, low quantities and high quantities are very welcome.

  2. We don't deliver goods yesterday.
    We can manufacture and deliver the same day in some cases.

  3. We don't supply castings in materials that don't exist.
    We can supply all grades of iron, steel, aluminium, copper base, lead etc.

  4. We don't import castings from India or China, repackage and then say "made in UK".
    We only use UK based foundries.

  5. We don't offer any film or acting roles.
    Try another type of casting services.

Please contact us on 077 22277631 or use our online enquiry form and we'll call you back.
E-mail Tel. 077 22277631 Fax 0116 2102647
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